Who is involved in the Project

Steering Group

  1. Gwyneth Nurse (Chair – HMT, Director, Financial Services Group)
  2. Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames (HSBC Pension Scheme, Trustee Chief Executive Officer)
  3. Derek Morgan (AoN Hewitt, Global Chief Operating Officer)
  4. James Ward (Aviva, UK Strategy & Development Director)
  5. Patrick Heath-Lay (B&CE, Chief Executive Officer)
  6. Margaret Snowdon (Independent Member)
  7. Ian McKenna (Independent Member)

Yvonne Braun (ABI, Director of Policy, Long-Term Savings and Protection) reports to Steering Group on behalf of the Project Group

Who’s working with the Pensions Dashboard

HM Treasury asked the Association of British Insurers to manage a cross-industry team to design, develop and demonstrate a Pensions Dashboard Prototype for Spring 2017 as a step towards Pensions Dashboards being available by 2019.

Sixteen leading pension providers form a Project Group working with government and other parties.

Participating Pensions firms

Other parties


Project Management

Industry-wide collaboration

The Project Group participating firms set the standards for six technology firms to build a prototype that could be demonstrated to industry.

The Project Group ran a selection process to identify which firms would build elements of the Pensions Dashboard Prototype. Over 20 firms submitted bids to take part in the project on a pro bono basis.

Pensions Dashboard Project Team

After competitive evaluation, six firms were assigned to five different areas of the project:

  • Pensions Dashboard User Interface (how people will interact with the dashboard) – Runpath
  • Pensions Finder Services (how the system retrieves information on people’s different pension pots) – Origo and Experian
  • Identity Providers (verification of people’s identity and personal details) – Safran and Experian
  • Integration Service Providers (providing the additional connections some pension firms will need to share data with the dashboard) – ITM and Aquila Heywood
  • Matching / Data Quality Analysis (overcoming the challenges of finding everyone’s pension in every system) – ITM and Experian.

The project also thanks Altus Business Systems and Systemsync Solutions for consultancy support in the early stages of the project.

Government has signposted that every provider will eventually move to sharing data with their customers this way.